Kindy Tigers Karate

For Kids up to 5 years

The Kindy Tigers Program is held; 

Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 10:30 - 11:00am

A fun and exciting Kindy Karate class for kids up to the age of 5yrs old. 

This class  is a whole lot of fun whilst focusing on  learning coordination and listening skills.

Kids get the opportunity to socially interact and build up confidence from an early age.

All Kindy tigers learn all about stranger danger in an interactive and positive environment. Book now or call for more information.

Class Passes are available at the following prices;
  • 5 Pass $35
  • 10 Pass $65
  • 20 Pass $130


To find out more about how young children can benefit from Karate please call us on 8932 1080 or send us a question and we will contact you.