Kids Karate 6 - 10 years

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Our Kids Karate program is delivered in a structured format with emphasis on the traditional protocols and etiquette of Tang Soo Do.

The students in these classes learn complete patterns and they also begin to gain an understanding of working closely with other students in partner work.


Personal safety awareness, stranger danger and strategies on how to deal with bullies have a strong presence in classes for this age group. 

Kids respond to encouragement and praise which both play an enormous role in the success of Kids Karate programs.


Teachers and parents continue to give us  positive feedback on the changes they see in children's behaviour both at home and at school which can be directly linked to their martial art training.



With such a great emphasis on respect for self and others it is no surprise that it becomes part of who they are!

Kindy Dragons 4 - 5 years

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The Kindy Dragon program has been developed to meet the needs of young children wishing to learn Tang Soo Do Karate in a fun and exciting environment.

This program is delivered with a more relaxed structure than classes for older children and has been designed specifically to suit the attention span of this age group. 

Gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance are a few of the many benefits of this class. There is also a very strong emphasis on personal safety awareness and stranger danger.

Children attend two classes per week which gives them a sense of routine and also allows them to learn sequences of techniques through the repetitive learning process.

Kindy Tigers Karate

2 - 4 years

The Kindy Tigers Program is held; 

Friday at 10:30 - 11:00am

A fun and exciting Kindy Karate class for 2-4yrs old. An interactive program for both child and parent. Classes are on a casual basis of $7.50 per session. Annual Registration fee of $65 plus optional uniform pack $50.

This program for the Kindy Tigers is a whole lot of fun whilst learning coordination, focus and listening skills. They still get some great exercise and fitness but also get the opportunity to socially interact and build up confidence from an early age. All Kindy tigers learn all about stranger danger in an interactive and positive environment. Book now or call for more information.

Class Passes are available at the following prices;
  • 5 Pass $35
  • 10 Pass $65
  • 20 Pass $130


To find out more about how young children can benefit from Karate please call us on 8932 1080 or send us a question and we will contact you.

To help you get started to see if you like Karate why not use the NT Sports Voucher for your trial month?

This can also be used for uniforms or sparring equipment for new and current members!