Testimonials — See what our members and families are saying about our Karate academy.

I have seen a big difference in my sons attitude since he started karate. His behaviour at home has improved, his school grades have picked up and his sense of self worth and confidence have improved out of sight. I would highly recommend NT Tang Soo Do to anyone looking for a professional organisation who genuinely get involved with your children’s wellbeing.
— Kath Brown -2013
My Children have been training with NT Tang Soo Do Karate now for nearly 10 years, they do not know life without it. This is a huge commitment by them and a credit to this particular karate academy to be able to keep them learning and interested for so long now. Every part of their lives they relate back to karate now, when talking about friends or how to prepare for a school exam to what to eat everything is fitness orientated and always very positive.
I highly recommend NT Tang Soo Do Karate to everyone!!!
You will not look back!
— Darren Gamston-2014
We will certainly continue to utilise the services provided by the NT Tang Soo Do Karate Academy in our work with people with a disability as they invoke a response which other activities do not (respect, discipline and attentiveness) and they continue to address issues and areas which other groups fail to recognise.
— Paul Van Oosten, Senior Recreation Office - Total Recreation- 2013