14 yrs - Adults

Palmerston & Karama - Mon - Wed - Fri 6.30 to 7.30pm                                                                                                         

Whether you are looking to just get into better shape and be healthier, learn to defend yourself or just looking for the skills to improve your life, NT Tang Soo Do will give you what you are looking for and a whole lot more!

Our Adult classes emphasize:

  • Physical Fitness for all levels (You don't have to be in shape to get in shape!)

  • Practical and simple self-defence techniques.

  • Life skills to improve awareness, focus, patience, confidence and assertiveness .

  • Improved discipline and leadership skills and respect for self and others.

We know what it is like to start and to take that first step!

Every instructor and student at NT Tang Soo Do  started as a beginner student and remember very well what it was like to step on the floor for the first time. Let us show you how we make it as easy as possible for you to kick off a new chapter in your life with Martial Arts! 

Let us set your mind at ease and answer some very common questions

"I always wanted to try martial arts but I feel a little unsure about what I would be walking into"   

At NT Tang Soo Do we provide a safe and friendly environment with professional instructors who will look after you as soon as you walk through the door. The first lesson is usually the most daunting so let us outline what you can expect.  

When you arrive at the studio, once registrations have been attended to you will meet our instructors and join the other students for a warm up.  

You will then have one to one time with one of our Instructors who will introduce you to some basic techniques and Tang Soo Do philosophies.  This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about Tang Soo Do. When the class is ready to finish you will join back in with the other students for a cool down and end of class salutations.

"What can I expect when I join NT Tang Soo Do Karate Academy?"     

Joining NT Tang Soo Do will give you many benefits, the obvious one is self defence skills that may one day save your life,  however you will gain much more than just this.

Being on a martial arts path with regular training sessions promotes fitness and self-assessment in life styles which in turn provides you with numerous health and well being benefits.   

At NT Tang Soo Do we have clear and defined set goals for you to achieve over your entire time with us no matter how long that is. 

You will always be driven and striving for new achievements.

Gradings are held four times per year to accommodate the fact that each individual student will progress at their own rate and are not all ready for the next level of training at the same time.

"Do I have to be fit to train in Tang Soo Do?"

Whether young or older, in shape or inactive, male or female, our classes will get you into the best shape of your life while working at your own personal level and pace. 

As you progress with your training your fitness, self esteem and confidence will naturally improve over time. 

"Is it a safe training environment for me?"

At NT Tang Soo Do our focus on a safe and friendly environment is for a very good reason.  Tang Soo Do is a long term journey not a quick fix exercise program. 

We want your training to be serious and goal orientated but also fun and enjoyable. As with everything we teach, this too is an example of how a healthy balance in your life is essential.

Have you ever had Martial Arts on your bucket list?

You are never too old to begin Tang Soo Do training, nor should any physical ailment or disability dissuade you from joining. We will work with you from the start and make sure your training is safe and within YOUR limitations!

 You will not be pushed through to a new level until you are confident and ready to move forward.

Adult training is structured differently to the teenager and younger students classes; we understand that adult’s needs are completely different. You will be constantly challenged but at the same time be constantly achieving! 

This is made possible by using the traditions of Tang Soo Do training mixed with modern teaching techniques and variety keeping the information both fresh and stable at the same time.

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