Welcome to the Lifestyle Studio

Feeling Great Has Never Been Easier!

The Lifestyle Studio is NOT a gym!  it is a place where you will be welcomed into a great community of instructors and friends you just haven't met yet! From Martial Arts through to our Group Fitness & Yoga classes - The Lifestyle Studio is a place to be fit, confident and healthy in a professional and supportive environment.  

The Lifestyle Community is very much like a family and our instructors will be invested in your progress every step of the way. They will help, motivate and encourage you to be the best YOU can be!  

Tang Soo Do Karate Classes are available for children as young as 2 years old through to our our Senior classes which have no age restrictions. Click here to find detailed information about classes!

Lifestyle Fitness & Yoga Classes deliver you and your family a well balanced approach to your fitness and well being  that you need to meet life's everyday challenges head on. ALL 9am Fitness Classes have 2 Instructors on the floor ensuring time & attention is given to our new members.

Our Facility boasts a very spacious Group Fitness & Yoga room that is private from other areas  -  making your training experience a comfortable one!

The Childminding Room (creche) is also a very generous space where kids get to play with a great variety of toys & activities under the guidance of our awesome team who will ensure your kids are happy while you train.

'The Nook' is our little coffee spot where you can enjoy a coffee with friends straight after class with the freedom of leaving the kids in the creche for an extra half hour so you can wind down in peace.

Our Team Believe that health, fitness and looking after your well-being are all daily lifestyle choices.

 'The Lifestyle Studio is the lifestyle choice for a healthy mind, body and spirit'


Action Packed - Martial Art Based Class Padwork - Bagwork -   & much More! Ultimate Fitness!

Fitbox combines kicking, boxing, cardio, circuit and strength training that will increase your endurance, tone your whole body & leave you feeling like a legend!  

Our professional Fitbox Instructors are Martial Artists who cater for participants that are new to exercise & require time and attention to improve their fitness level.

If you are a fitness fanatic and are looking for a challenge - this class is definitely for you-  We promise you won't be disappointed!

Partner work is key in this class so feel free to BRING A FRIEND! 

Don't have a friend to bring?

No problem - We have plenty of friendly faces who are happy to partner you! 

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High Intensity Interval Training with motivated Instructors focused on YOU!

Hiit fitness is a fast paced, results driven class with a huge variety of exercises ensuring you NEVER get bored!

This circuit style of training is designed to keep you on your toes with 30 - 45 second rounds of cardio and strength exercises throughout the class.

Each station provides a beginner level ensuring you are not overwhelmed if you are new to this style of training.

Each station also provides the challenge you are looking for if you are an experienced exerciser wanting to be pushed!

Watch your fitness level increase in no time under the guidance of our motivated instructors!


General & Pre-Natal Classes for Beginners through to Experienced Yogi. All with Qualified Instructors

Yoga has an amazing way of allowing us to 'meet' ourselves  as we navigate our way through a range of poses & breathe work that may challenge & nurture us on many levels.

Yoga allows us to move towards balancing the Body Mind and Spirit by practicing Yogasana (physical poses), Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation. 

Become more aware of your breathing, posture, alignment and patterns of movement through the journey of Yoga.

A strong Hatha yoga practice which includes Vinyasa, Restorative and Dynamic styles to suit all levels.

* ALL 9am Classes have FREE CRECHE  & THE NOOK is open until 10.30am Monday to Friday

*ALL 9am Fitness Classes have 2 Instructors on the floor ensuring time & attention is given to our new members.