Welcome to NT Tang Soo Do Karate

Palmerston & Karama

Established in 1989

Celebrating 30 years in Palmerston this year!

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art which incorporates punching, kicking, striking and blocking techniques. Training consists of basic floor drills, self defence, partner work, sparring,weapons training, traditional patterns and fitness.

NT Tang Soo Do has provided a family friendly, safe and professional environment for those who want to learn a Martial Art, live healthier, learn self-defence or to just get into shape now for 3 decades!

We have recently moved to our new full-time studio in Palmerston and offer many classes in one of our 3 dedicated training rooms continuing our commitment to our local community and the people that live here.

All classes are age specific allowing us to provide students with exactly what they need in the most productive environment.

NT Tang Soo Do - Helping improve the community one black belt at a time!”

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