The content of this program is invaluable to our youth!                                                     

The curriculum covers the issues our youth are facing in regards to growing up, personal safety,  drugs, alcohol, reckless behaviours and sexual behaviour choices. 

With a hard hitting, no nonsense approach                                                                                

We guarantee you we will grab the attention of and engage with even the most difficult teenagers in this program.  Respect is established very quickly which then allows students to let their guard down and relax and us to focus on delivering life saving skills in a positive and safe environment.

We will take your students on a journey both physically and mentally.                                                                                                                                                             

We discuss every possible form of self- defence available and the best way to handle every potentially dangerous situation they are faced with. Students are taught both passive and assertive verbal techniques as well as practical, effective physical techniques which could one day save their life.

Open, honest discussions on just about everything!                                                                                                                        

Teenagers engage with our instructors because we speak their language. This program allows and encourages very honest discussions about the struggles teenagers face as they navigate their way to adulthood.  We discuss everything from drug and alcohol use through to reckless behaviour and sexual behaviour choices.  Young adults are taught how to assess their environments for potential danger and are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and choices in life.

Delivered in Physical Education Class time 

This program is usually delivered in PE class time over a 4 week period.  Each session is for one hour allowing time for travel to and from the school to our professional studio based in Palmerston.  Classes can be delivered at the school however there is extra charge for instructors to travel to schools.


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