Our Personal Protection Strategies Program has been designed for Corporate Groups wanting to provide their team with a well balanced and informative approach to personal safety on all levels.

This program covers a vast range of topics, all of which are equally important in the big picture of Personal Protection Strategies. 

As well as providing your team with valuable life saving skills, the team building that naturally occurs through the participation in this program is awesome!

Below is an outline of our Personal Protection Strategies curriculum. If you would like to speak with one of our facilitators for further information or to arrange a program for your team, give us a call on 8932 1080.


Program Outline

Legalities of Self Protection – An important outline of legal rights a person has in personal protection situations.

Types of Self Defence & Resistance / Passive & Verbal Diffusing Techniques - A discussion on strategies to deal with any type of confrontation from verbal through to physical.

Types of Harassment & Abuse – A breakdown of the different types of abuse and how to recognise, manage, diffuse and deal with the perpetrator. 

Environmental Awareness – Discussion on ways to keep safe in all situations through enhancing your awareness in all environments.

Fear Management/ Converting Fear to Power – A breakdown of the physiological changes that occur within the body when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation and how to manage and alter them to your advantage.

Belief Systems – Breaking down indoctrinated beliefs about our ability to deal with a confrontation.

Motivation – Identifying important motivations to draw from when in a physical confrontation.

Offender Psychology A sneak peek into the mind of an offender, how they think, their selection process and what they are expecting from you.

Victim Mentality – A discussion on how to assess your own behavioural patterns and adjust them to lessen the chance of becoming a victim.

Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Behaviour Awareness - A discussion on the poor behaviour choices and possible consequences when affected by drugs and alcohol.

Identifying an Offender – Specific identifiers important when reporting a perpetrator to Police.

Guidance for Assistance in case of Assaults - Steps to take if you have experienced any form of assault and contact information for important support organisations throughout the Northern Territory.